Tower Rock’s methods and approach explained in-depth.
THE FIRST KEY IS making an informed decision.
Most mineral owners do not truly know the value of their minerals and might not even know where to begin. Many did not even realize they owned anything until they received an offer to sell or lease! That is where we come in: let us be The Rights Resource™ for you and help you understand what you own as well as what it is worth and why. You can then make an educated decision to sell or keep your property.
The What: Mineral Rights are property rights and can be separated from the surface rights. They can also be separated from the royalty stream. Generally, and all things being equal, mineral rights have the most value to Tower Rock and are what we purchase the most. Royalties derived from mineral rights, non-participating royalties (NPRI), and overrides (ORRI) also have value and are of interest to us.

The Where: We are interested in any mineral rights or royalties generating income from producing properties all over the country. Non-producing minerals and royalties also have value to us, leased or unleased.

The Why: We buy minerals and royalties to build a portfolio diversified across regions, operators, commodities, and age. This approach is essential to our goal of generating yield while maintaining exposure to growth and minimizing risk.
Tower Rock Oil & Gas will research your property and give you a fair and honest appraisal. We will walk you through the process of how we arrived at our figures so that you are properly informed when considering selling your property.
Mineral Rights and their Valuation
Whether your property is producing or non-producing, let Tower Rock Oil & Gas help you make the most informed decision possible.
Mineral Rights
The what, the where, and the why.
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Value vastly dependent on multiple factors with varying risks.
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