National Association of Royalty Owners
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners
Independent Petroleum Association of America

Educational: Articles

Oil & Gas Leases: Checklist For Negotiating An Oil And Gas Lease

Oil & Gas Overview: Basic information about mineral, surface, oil and gas rights.
An introduction to oil and gas mineral rights.

Mineral Rights: What’s all the Fuss About Buying and Selling Mineral Rights?
An overview about mineral right and if, how, and why mineral owners sell.

Educational: Books

Oil & Gas: Money in the Ground
A great overview of the oil and gas industry, including the basics of investments and the life cycle of production.


Glossary: Glossary of Terms Used in Petroleum Reserves/Resources Definitions
Terms and definitions used in the industry published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Government / State Agencys

Department of Energy Information Agency
Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commision
Alabama Oil & Gas Board
Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission
California Division of Oil & Gas
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Kansas Corporation Commission
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Mississippi Oil & Gas Board
Montana Oil & Gas Conservation Division
Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
Nevada Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources
New Mexico Dept. of Energy & Natural Resources
North Dakota State Industrial Commission
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Texas Railroad Commission
Utah Division of Oil, Gas & Mining
Wyoming Oil & Gas Commission


Oil & Gas News: The Morning Report


Fracking: Fracking Hell: The Untold Story
Anti-fracking video highlighting risks, concerns, and testimonials about fracking…specifically in the Marcellus Shale in the North Eastern US.

Fracking: Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking)
Pro-fracking video demonstrating the basics of Oil and Gas well development, including the process and benefits of fracking.

Fracking: Fracking explained: opportunity or danger
Fracking video describing the process, associated facts, and risks with fracking.

Fracking: CNN Explains: Fracking
CNN describes fracking in a rather open-ended, non-opinionated overview on fracking.

Types of Ownership: Types of Ownership
Video defining who maintains mineral ownership, how ownership type affects your royalty income, which ownership types provide for bonus payments, and how ownership type determines who will pay production costs.