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How do I get an offer from Tower Rock Oil & Gas?


See Our Process. Simply call us at 800-417-3329, or email us through the link for “Request a Quote.” Provide us the requested information, and we’ll perform an evaluation and send you an offer for your interests.

How do you determine the value of my interests?


Tower Rock generates offers for non-producing minerals by analyzing surrounding activity including drilling, production, and leasing. We come up with an aggressive offer for each specific prospect based on that analysis and convey a value that we believe to be aggressive to mineral owners in the area. We factor in dry-holes, surrounding well performance, and the likelihood of drilling one, two, or more wells.

For a producing property, we perform a decline-curve analysis on the wells, which means that we forecast the production based on its prior performance. That production forecast is then pit against time value of money, taxes, commodity pricing, etc., to generate a discounted cash-flow analysis. Feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss this in more detail with you!

How long does the process take to get paid?


NOT LONG! We take pride in our ability to quickly generate offers and close deals. While much of our timeline is dictated by receiving timely and quality information from you, we can generally get payment to an interest owner with clean title within 10-15 business days of the original request for the quote.

How much will it cost me to get an evaluation and offer for my interests?


Absolutely nothing. Tower Rock Oil & Gas will perform an evaluation free of charge, and will perform title and due diligence at our cost once you decide to complete your transaction with us.

Does Tower Rock Oil & Gas charge a fee to evaluate my interests if I don’t end up selling?


We will gladly help provide you an evaluation and offer for your interests, even if you choose not to sell. If you’re looking for an evaluation of your property simply for tax or estate planning purposes with no intent to sell, we can discuss these services with you. Please give us a call.

Why Tower Rock Oil & Gas?


Our goal is to provide you with a an excellent experience. We strive for excellent service that is timely, responsive, transparent, informative, and personalized, and to provide you with the best price available for your interests.

Why would Tower Rock Oil & Gas want to buy my mineral rights? Why would they assume the risk?


Our customers ask this question after reading “Who Would Sell.” Although each deal has a fair amount of risk, we mitigate our risk by purchasing interests across the US. As an individual, you take on the risk of one property in one specific area. If someone drills a dry hole near your property, the value of your investment could plummet instantly. We are faced with dry holes and lose producing wells all the time, and, although painful, such losses do not affect us as severely due to our diversification.

Will the value of a producing mineral interest remain steady over time?


No. The mineral resources underground are finite, and eventually, will be depleted. This decline rate is taken into consideration when calculating the value of your interests. Many of our clients take the opportunity to divest from these depleting assets to invest in others that appreciate in value.